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The minds behind the magic

Arzu Güneysu
Computer Engineer Bogazici University
Brain Computer Interfaces
Human Robot Interaction
Child Robot Interaction
Sevil Yılmaz
Medical Doctor Duzce Medical School
Family Physician
Intensive care unit experience
Başak Helvacı
Science Education Bogazici University
Integration of Robotics into
Use just your mind, concentrate.

The Services We offer

Robotic Solutions for Entertainment and Education

Kognitron provides robotic programming workshops and camps for children. We are using Thymio which is an educational robot that has all components in one, and many pre-programmed modes. Thymio has been a great tool to teach experimentation, technology, critical thinking, programming, invention, teamwork, design and building. The visual programming language composes code in real time and creates a nice bridge to written code. Thymio helps us to easily teach programming iterations and code writing to kids as young as seven. Even for kindergarten kids it is possible to learn about motors and sensors, and behaviors.

Mind Controlled Solutions for Events

Kognitron solutions turn the brain signals into useful commands for an external device such as a toy car and small robots. We provide interactive solutions for public spaces that consist of mind controlled games. Some applications are concentration based robot walking and slot car control. We are helping people to experience moving the object with their mind. They can race by concentrating or compete with each other.

Mind Controlled Solutions for Communication

The Kognitron team develops neurotechnologies for people with neurologic diseases such as patients with ALS and stroke. The goal is to turn thought into commands that represent their needs. The system is composed of a portable EEG that records brain signals related to imagined limb movement and a communication interface that shows possible selections of patient needs. The long term goal of the team is to develop a base for future commanding systems that communicate with a wheelchair, a prosthetic or robotic limb.

Our NeuroFix Works

Educational Robotics

Thymio II is an educational robot that is easy to learn, fun to use and very powerful. 

  • a large number of sensors and actuators,
  • an educative interactivity based on light and touch,
  • programming environment featuring graphical and text programming.

is not just an ordinary robot, it is the platform to use your
to create whatever you can imagine!


Thymio Videos

Control devices by mere thoughts!


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